Future of Dean Maxwell Home in doubt

There is growing concern for the future of the Dean Maxwell home in Roscrea after a letter sent by the Private Secretary to the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly, indicated that all long term residential care will be moved to Nenagh.

Roscrea Community Development Council – who received the letter – say they are outraged and have written to all Tipperary TD’s calling on them to fight for the future of the facility.

The letter suggests that all people requiring long term residential care in a community nursing home setting who are from Roscrea and the surrounding district will have to go to Nenagh.

Local Councillor Michael Smith explains how the letter came about.

“In fairness to Roscrea Community Development Council they put forward a very strong submission on the review of the National Development Plan and as part of that they wrote to the Tánaiste, the Minister for Health and the Taoiseach advising them of what the submission was going to be and this response came from that.”

“It’s a separate process that we’re also trying to advance in relation to the site in Roscrea because there’s a very unique opportunity here in a partnership with the HSE, with the local Parish council and with Tipperary County Council. We’re very fortunate to have a site here that now can offer so much more. It offers a very significant opportunity to regenerate, to redevelop at this existing site.”

Independent TD Michael Lowry says that while there’s still hope it depends on Roscrea’s inclusion in the National Development Plan which would be pursued vigorously.

“What the Minister’s office – which is Stephen Donnelly – the HSE are saying that Roscrea is not included for any capital plan for long stay beds and that in effect when the new unit opens in Nenagh that the beds from Roscrea will be transferred to Nenagh.”

“So I’m insisting at this stage that Roscrea would be included in the National Development Plan and I think there is hope in it. If we don’t pursue it there is no avenue. There’s no hope to get any change in mind of the HSE to dedicate some of the existing funding that they have. What they are saying is we have committed our funding – there’s none in our capital plan for Roscrea.”

“The Taoiseach is saying to me – and his ministers are saying to me – that the only way we can provide funding separate to the HSE budget is through the National Development Plan.”