Funding approved for Cashel hospital

Significant funding has been approved to expand the Community Intervention Team at Our Lady’s in Cashel.

The project has already proved successful in easing pressure on South Tipp General.

The issue of services at Our Lady’s Hospital in Cashel was raised with the Health Minister this week.

During a visit to the hospital last year Simon Harris made a commitment that it would reopen it as a day hospital and community care centre by the second half of 2018.

Local TD Michael Lowry has questioned the Minister on the progress being made towards this.

According to Deputy Lowry, the HSE is currently carrying out an evaluation of what structures and supports are needed to roll out these services at Our Lady’s.

While there is ongoing criticism that much of the revamped campus in Cashel lies idle, one of the success stories has been the Community Intervention Team.

Deputy Lowry says this has helped in easing pressure on South Tipp General:

While welcoming the additional funding for the Community Intervention Team, Deputy Lowry says its vital progress is made in terms of opening Our Lady’s as a full time facility.