Further delay on Jigsaw opening in Thurles

Photo © Jigsaw Facebook

It appears as if talk of Jigsaw opening their base in Thurles in the coming months was yet another false dawn.

A premises has been secured for the youth mental health service at the Technology Park on the Racecourse Road in the town with a view to it opening in April.

However chairman of the Tipperary Fight for Mental Health Services group Dean McGrath says it appears the can has been kicked down the road once again.

He has been informed by Jigsaw that it will be mid-summer for the opening of the Thurles centre.

“This isn’t a game to the people on the ground or making grandiose announcements and stuff like that. That actually does nothing but add to the hurt felt by many people who are looking and crying out for support.”

“That announcement last week – and I feel a bit of a fool now – it actually gave me hope that it would actually happen in April. And I don’t know why because there have been so many false dawns. It just seemed we were after moving on a bit.”

“The problem is the miscommunication – the hurt that that’s causing people. For someone in crisis or someone vulnerable who’s looking for a service it’s just not good enough.”