Dean Maxwell group welcome political intervention

There needs to be political will to secure the long term stay facilities in Roscrea.

That’s according to Chairman of Roscrea Community Development Council John Lupton following news that a meeting has been agreed between the group and Ministers, as well as a visit by the Taoiseach to the area.

John says that the meeting needs to happen soon especially with the Dean Maxwell set to cease in March 2023.

He told Tipp Today they are delighted to see the intervention from politicians as up until now the HSE have appeared to them to be ‘not for turning’.

“I do feel that there needs to be a great deal of not just commitment but will at political level to ensure that, because the HSE are very entrenched I think in saying that there won’t be a long term stay facility community nursing unit in Roscrea, it would appear that to be their position.”

He says the plans for a new 50 bed facility in Nenagh would mean only 25 would be allocated to those in Roscrea.

John said this meeting needs to be soon because people deserve to stay in their locality where they belong.

“We feel this is a grave injustice in terms of human rights if nothing else that people should be able to live out their lives in their own place of belonging… it would be totally unthinkable that people in Roscrea would have to travel 20 miles away from family and friends.”