Continued disruption at TUH but hopes radiology services will be partially restored today

It’s hoped the radiology department at Tipperary University Hospital will have part of its system back up and running this evening.

Like all other public hospitals many parts of the Clonmel facility have been badly hit by the HSE cyber-attack with no online access to patient records such as x-rays, radiological reports or blood results available to clinicians.

However speaking to Tipp FM this morning CEO of Tipperary University Hospital Maria Barry says some progress is being made in restoring some services.

“We have been working with ICT to try and get some of our systems up and we expect that our National Integrated Medical Imaging System will be back up this evening within the Radiology Department but really we need to have it across the whole of the hospital.”

“But we’re hoping by this evening we will have some access to the NIMIS radiological service that allows clinicians to look up previous reports and to report on diagnostics safely as well.”

Emergency services are operating as normal at TUH although they may be slower as a result of the ongoing IT issues.