Concern for future of CARMHA services in North Tipp

Photo from Carmha Facebook page

A North Tipperary service for addiction and mental health issues may have to close its door due to funding issues.

CARMHA in Nenagh provides free counselling and peer support to those over the age of 18.

Addiction counsellor and psychotherapist Donie Ryan was on Tipp Today to talk about how dire the funding situation has gotten.

“During Covid, we got a Rethink Ireland grant, which kept us going until last October.

“That really did help, but for the most part, it’s the guys doing the marathons and the Iron Man challenges, a cake sale last weekend.

“We’re really fortunate in that Nenagh has been great, the town has responded hugely to us.

“The grants that we did have, they ran out in October and we’re probably looking at a couple of months if we don’t get some kind of funding – we’re looking at being out of business in a couple of months, we may have to close the door.”

To support CARMHA, there is a PayPal link on their website and also a GoFundMe link on their Facebook page.