Cara Darmody to meet with Taoiseach on autism issues

Photo from Inspiration by Cara Darmody Facebook page

The Taoiseach has promised a formal meeting with a young Tipperary autism campaigner who protested outside Government Buildings this morning.

13 year old Cara Darmody from Ardfinnan is planning to travel up to the Dáil every week for a demonstration until the general election.

Simon Harris spoke with the schoolgirl before Cabinet today, and promised her a more formal meeting in 48 hours.

Cara says her two brothers are autistic, and the services here aren’t good enough.

“I’ve two severely autistic and disabled brothers. Neil is 11 and John is 7 – they are both non-verbal and they have an intellectual disability which means they can’t talk and they don’t understand things. It’s absolutely heart breaking but I’m not doing this for myself – I’m doing it to help other people.