C Saw to provide additional ‘coffee morning’

Joe Leahy of C-Saw, Clonmel. Photo © Tipp FM.

C Saw is launching an additional ‘coffee morning’ from next week.

The Clonmel based mental health charity which aims to ‘ease the burden’ for anyone struggling has decided to introduce the extra meetup in the wake of Covid.

Joe Leahy says that this is an open invitation and will run from 10.30 to 12.30pm every Monday as well as their Wednesday meetup.

Joe says that people will find people going through similar experiences through these mornings.

“To have a chat and they’ll meet some other people – a lot of people in the same boat as themselves – going through some bit of turmoil in their lives.

“And it doesn’t to be all serious, suicide related – it can be some people that you’re just a bit fed up and a bit down in the dumps and a bit anxious about something or other. You’re more than welcome to come in and sit down and it’s all free.”