Browne questions ongoing delays on St Patrick’s Unit

Photo from Google Maps

Comments from the Minister for Health and the HSE in relation to the development of a new 60 bed residential care centre in Cashel have provided more questions than answers according to a local TD.

Deputy Martin Browne had sought an update on the project which has been flagged for the grounds of St Patrick’s Hospital.

The response from Minister Stephen Donnelly said the HSE has advised that the existing site is not suitable for the Community Nursing Unit while challenges regarding parking spaces had also been identified.

Deputy Browne says the apparent stalling by the HSE is a cause for concern and is now beginning to fear there may be plans to close the existing facility.

“We asked when it was decided that other site options would be considered and what actually even prompted the exploration of an alternative site. This even throws up even more questions that we need answered by the Minister.

“It’s like trying to draw teeth out of something, it’s just so slow to get answers and this is where all the worry is.”

Martin Browne says a design team has been in place since 2019 and that “big money” would have been paid for these specialists with very little to show for it so far.

“Why four years down the road now have we still not even a design. We’re just being told that they have to review everything and go to a new site.

“Like what has been happening for the last four years at this rate of going if its only now being discovered that these problems are arising and it needs to be addressed by moving the unit out of St Patrick’s. They haven’t given us any indication where this new site or what it is.”