Hanafin calls for thorough snag list for Liberty Square works

Photo © Tipp FM

A safety audit of works on Liberty Square in Thurles needs to ensure that some issues which have arisen are dealt with.

That’s according to local Councillor Seamus Hanafin as the multi-million Euro contract is coming to a close with a snag list due to be carried out shortly.

He raised concerns about the granite surfaces and asked if they were safe particularly in frosty weather but was assured that it meets slip resistance standards

Cllr Hanafin there are some hazards on Liberty Square which he wants addressed.

“There are some trip hazards where people are getting caught with the footpaths and with the kerbs. A number of people have reported people falling and being injured and that’s something that I want to have looked at before the snag list is signed off.”

Councillor Hanafin also wants the Council to ensure that the Smart Lighting system installed as part of the major upgrade of Liberty Square in Thurles is fully operational.

“We have beautiful Christmas lights in Thurles at the moment and there’s a lot of complimentary comments about them.

“But the Smart Lighting that was put in place was also to include some Decorative Lighting which would add to it at Christmas but could be used at other times of the year as well. That hasn’t been commissioned yet and I’d be anxious to see that that is commissioned as part of the finalising of the works of Liberty Square.”