‘Hairdressing black market’ has grown massively in Tipperary and elsewhere

Photo from Pixabay

A local beautician says the black market for her industry has grown massively.

Some hairdressers and beauty workers are breaking COVID-19 restrictions to travel to clients’ homes.

Under the current government plan, these businesses wouldn’t be allowed to reopen until the end of July – and even then with strict social distancing in place.

Speaking on Tipp Today, Laura Moloney of the Laurel Beauty Salon in Clonmel says the restrictions are being broken all over the place…

“It’s absolutely massive. It’s huge. And it’s putting a huge amount of stress and pressure on business owners within our industry, be it hairdressing, barbering, beauty or other aesthetics.

“Look, we have been asked if we’ll do treatment behind closed doors… It’s supply and demand. If the demand isn’t there, then the supply isn’t going to happen.

“Yeah, the therapists and the hairdressers that are doing it are in the wrong completely. But also the public – like, if you don’t ask the question then the answer won’t be there for you.

“So, it is on the public as well, you know? It works both ways.”