Glass smashed and books destroyed in vandalism at Two Mile Borris sensory garden

Some of the damage caused at the sensory garden in Two Mile Borris. Photos: Two Mile Borris Community Development Group / Facebook.
“Disheartening” and “heart-breaking” are words being used to describe vandalism which occurred in Two Mile Borris over the weekend.


The Two Mile Borris Community Development Group’s sensory garden was left littered with broken glass, empty cans and rubbish on Saturday morning.

Many of the group’s swap books were also torn and scattered around the premises.

The garden is maintained by volunteers within the community and it recently featured on an episode of Nationwide.

Michelle King is chair of the group and she says the broken glass is especially dangerous for the kids who play at the garden:

“To have it like that yesterday (Saturday) was a little disheartening certainly. And I think it’s very disheartening for a lot of the parents who bring their kids there. Because of the fact it’s a sensory garden, we have a mud kitchen, we have a sand pit. It’s meant to be a safe place for kids to come in and learn through using their imagination, using their hands and their touch. So, to have broken glass in there, it’s just heartbreaking.”

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How utterly disappointed we are this morning to see the way our beautiful garden has…

Posted by Two Mile Borris Community Development Group on Saturday, 3 April 2021