Local family unhappy with pace of Garda investigation into assault

Clonmel Garda Station Photo © Tipp FM

The parents of a teenager viciously beaten in Clonmel last year say the Garda response has been poor to nothing.

Noreen and Gerard’s 17-year-old son was attacked by a gang of 9 while sitting on a wall in a Clonmel car park leaving him unconscious, with stabs wounds on his hands, and shoe marks on his head.

Almost a year on and they say they’ve heard nothing about the case or the severity of the incident from Gardaí despite numerous attempts to call for information and answers.

Gerard says looking at recent events elsewhere in the country he cannot understand the slow progress being made here, and he told Tipp Today he still sees members of this gang around the town regularly.

He went on to say this is not the only attack this groups has carried out.

“A few weeks later a friend of our son was attacked outside Market Street there again by the same gang and severely beaten, another lad in a school locally had to have his jaw wired up, couldn’t eat or drink had to drink through a straw for the best part of a month and another vicious attack by the same group.”

They say they have regularly looked for updates on the case with little success, despite video footage which was posted online, and a witness having been present.
Noreen told Tipp Today reflected on the day it happened and thanked those who had come to her son’s aid.

“His girlfriend as the only witness but I must actually praise the boys in the Halal Shop because two of the boys they came out and Cian is not too sure if it was over or did they stopped it but the two boys were absolutely they were just Oh my god they were just brilliant with him , they went in and they got a first aid kit and wiped his blood… it’s witness enough that it is on video.”