Local Crime Prevention Officer warns against keeping cash at home

Photo © Pixabay

Gardaí in Tipperary are stressing the importance of not keeping large sums of cash in their home.

The number of burglaries reported in the Tipp Division is on the increase with money being taken in a number of cases.

Crime Prevention Officer Sgt John McCormack is urging everyone to be security conscious especially when it comes to cash or valuables.

“People may have plans to go on holidays or that and withdrawing cash but An Garda Siochana are always advising people not to keep any large sums of cash – or any cash – or valuables on the premises. I understand that at times it is necessary for people to hold cash or valuables but we would ask and we’d stress to people to ensure that any cash that they have to have it securely stored on the premises.”

Sgt McCormack is also warning people to be security conscious when withdrawing significant amounts of cash.

“You should be very careful when you are in banks or Credit Unions where people are withdrawing sums of cash to ensure that you’re not being watched or you’re not being followed. And also to dispose of that cash as quick as you can and not to hold on to it.