Frustration grows over lack of clarity on Leaving Cert 2021

A local school principal says there’s still a lot of frustration at the lack of clarity over this year’s Leaving Cert.

On Friday, Minister Norma Foley announced a two-track approach to this year’s Leaving Cert – the first involving exams and the second which is still to be decided.

Damien Kennedy, of Nenagh College, told Tipp Today earlier that while they do at least still have time to prepare, there needs to be a definitive plan:

“The schools have been closed now for six weeks, you know. At this point in time – like you made a reference there to the UK where Boris Johnson just said ‘schools are closed and all the exams are cancelled’.

“I know it’s not ideal, but at the same time, it’s a definite. The students [in the UK] who are doing public exams know where they’re going. Whereas still at this point in time [in Ireland] we’re talking about bilateral, confidential talks ongoing – it’s too slow a process.”

Jason Kinsella is a Leaving Cert student in Nenagh College. He says Friday’s announcement by the Education Minister left a lot to be desired:

“I was totally uneasy after I heard it, just because it still isn’t set in stone that there’s going to be another option.

“[Minister Foley] says that there is going to be another option but like we don’t know what it is yet. It could be anything.

“The time that we’ve missed, and the projects and orals, and deadlines and everything – it’s just a lot of pressure.”