Frustration in Cashel around lack of progress on Community Nursing Unit

Photo from Google Maps

There is frustration in Cashel around the lack of progress on the Community Nursing Unit.

A recent HSE report stated that the existing site is not suitable for the 60 bed unit mainly due to challenges regarding parking spaces.

In recent correspondence the HSE has stated they are looking at new site in the area however, Councillor Declan Burgess told Tipp FM that everyone is in the dark as where this ‘imaginary site’ is.

He says an urgent meeting is needed with Minister Mary Butler and that the commitment to the people of Cashel needs to be honoured:

“its very unclear possibly this fairytale site is now being considered, I am very frustrated and upset about how they are treating St. Patrick’s. But I want to ask what happened to the original study and review that chose St. Patrick’s, chose it as a suitable site, I certainly won’t accept this development being withdrawn from the area. The original site where it truly belongs. This recent news sadly is another example of the HSE failing Cashel.”

Former Councillor Tom Wood told Tipp Today that he had received assurances five years ago that St. Patrick’s was the appropriate location and the development would happen:

“Minister for State Minster Butler – who is responsible for the elderly I have responded to her and I have asked her specifically can she tell us what site are they actually looking at because earlier I had been told they were looking at a number of sites. But then when the question was raised last week in the Seanad I understand that we were told they are looking at one particular site, and supposing that site isn’t suitable- where do we go then?”