Former Clonmel hotel boarded up to prevent squatting

Photo © Tipp FM

A former Clonmel hotel has been boarded up to prevent squatting

At this month’s meeting of the Local Authority, Cllr Davy Dunne said 12-15 people had been living in the derelict Clonmel Arms Hotel, as well as a large number of heroin use in the vacant building.

The Sinn Fein representative urged the council to consider following Waterford’s lead and using pods and hostels to safely house people during the housing crisis.

He told Tipp FM that the hotel was boarded up but there had been no alternative given to the people dwelling there and there were concerns as they hadn’t yet engaged with homeless services.

“A mother said to me that there was about 100 people going in and out of the building. She told me she that she was regularly up there delivering clothes and food in to her daughter who is living up there.