Fight the Pipe convinced Shannon pipeline won’t happen

One of the main opponents to plans to bring millions of litres of water each day from the Shannon to Dublin is confident the project will not go ahead.

The proposals to extract water at Parteen Weir and pipe it 170 kilometres to bolster Dublin’s leaking supply has drawn much criticism.

The Fight the Pipe group which vehemently opposed to the idea say a recent decision by Limerick County Council to refuse permission for a housing development in Annacotty as it would affect the integrity of the Shannon strengthens their case.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier Liam Minehan said the project is dead in the water.

“I have no doubt this pipe will never be built.”

“This at the moment is a gravy-train that is out of control. They haven’t applied for planning because there’s a risk they won’t get it. This needs to be reined in.”

“You might as well just catch the money and throw it up in the air because they’re not tackling the problems that Dublin have.”