Families Fight UK Push for North Amnesty

Last week a plan was outlined which would give a de-facto amnesty to pre-Good Friday Agreement crimes, absolving both British soldiers and paramilitaries.

It has been widely rejected by victims groups and politicians.

Sgt Joseph Campbell, a father-of-eight, was shot dead as he closed Cushendall RUC station in County Antrim in 1977.

A report into his killing found that the two criminal investigations into the shooting had been flawed and hampered by the withholding of sensitive intelligence information, including the threats to the victim’s life.

Sgt Campbell’s son Joseph spoke to Fran on Tipp Today to explain how his decision has affected his family.

He said, “How my mother got out of bed every morning to face the world at 41 years of age with 8 children, lost her husbend and the only breadwinner in the house. My mother is my hero and what really upsets me is that Boris Johnson can say that my mother is being vexacious by wanting to know the truth about what happened to my father. That’s what really upsets me.”