EXCLUSIVE: Local historian finds link between Joe Biden and Tipp

Jill Biden and Johnny Luby - Instagram

In an exclusive for Tipp FM…

A local historian has identified a link between US President Joe Biden and the Premier County.

While the visit of the American President later this month is now in question die to the poor health of former President Jimmy Carter, preparation for his arrival continue nationwide.

However, historian Dr.Conor Reidy has revealed that as well as visits to both Louth and Mayo where his ancestors hail from a trip to the Golden area could be on the cards.

Speaking to Tipp FM Dr.Reidy revealed after years of research a member of Biden’s family is related to a well-known contributor of the station:

“Unfortunately as far as President Biden himself is concerned I have come up short, however through exhaustive research through Ellis Island National  Museum of Immigration and the Ellis Island Foundation as well as multiple other archives in Ireland and New York I have been able to establish a definite connection between Jill Biden and Tipperary.”

He went on to reveal that Dr. Jill Biden’s Great Grandad father ended up in Cobh in the 19th Century leading to a chance meeting with Hanora Luby, the eldest sister of Nellie Luby:

“Having consulted with national archives of Ireland, the National Library of Ireland as well as several private historical repositories in an extraordinary twist of fate I have been able to determine with a high degree of certainty that Nellie Luby is the great aunt of one of Tipp FMs most popular contributors Johnny Luby of Golden. So, today I am revealing for the first time that Dr. Jill Biden, the current first lady of the United States of America is at least a third or fourth cousin of Johnny Luby of the Fourpenny Road in Golden.”