ESB crews working on 230 faults affecting over 300 Tipperary customers

Photo © Pixabay

ESB crews are resuming work this morning on repairing around 230 faults which are still causing power outages across Tipperary.

Those 230 faults are affecting over 300 customers, with the Nenagh area the most badly hit from outages which occurred following Storm Ellen on Thursday morning.

Crews from around the country are in Tipperary today to help repair those remaining faults.

Local Storm Manager for the ESB, Declan Sheehan has offered this update on the status of the power outages this morning:

“In the Roscrea area there are around 30 customers without power, the Nenagh area has about 220 – it’s probably our worst affected area. The Cashel / Thurles area is down to about 40, and Tipp Town and surrounding areas is down to about 100. The Clonmel / Cahir area is fairly well sorted at the moment.

“Locally people will see a lot of activity on the roads so just be careful. We have a huge influx of crews today and yesterday evening. We’ve over 60 travelling crews that have come from Donegal, Dundalk, Waterford, Enniscorthy, everywhere really.”

He says that local crews expect to resolve the vast majority of faults by the end of the day, but warns that some power outages may still linger into tomorrow.