Tipperary TD calls for emergency laws to tackle energy crisis

Photo © Electric Ireland

The Regional Group of TDs – including Deputy Michael Lowry – will put down a Dáil motion in the coming weeks calling for emergency laws to tackle the energy crisis.

Among its demands will be the re-opening of the power generating stations at Lanesboro and Shannonbridge in the Midlands.

Deputy Lowry told Tipp FM they are also calling for a ban on any threat to turn off power.

“The reality is that the current crisis has been caused by the mismanagement of electricity supplies which is now causing serious financial hardship to families and businesses throughout the country.

“The legislation that we’re looking for will provide for a ban on any threat to turn off the electricity supply to domestic customers and critical social infrastructure such as hospitals, schools and nursing homes.”

Michael Lowry says data centres cannot be allowed to put power supplies under threat this winter.

“To enable this to happen the data centres and other high energy users must be directed to use their emergency back-up generators at all times of peak electricity demand.”