Tipp TDs speak out on energy crisis discussion in the Dáil

Photo from Oireachtas

Deputy Michael Lowry and Regional Group of TDs has called on the Government to declare the energy crisis a National Emergency.

They have further called on the coalition parties to enact legislation to address the current supply deficit with a Public Interest Act to include Emergency Measures.

In a Private Members Bill, which was moved on behalf of the Group by Deputy Lowry, they proposed what they say were a number of workable and credible solutions to address the current crisis to protect and assist the people of this country.

Deputy Lowry told the Dáil that the government simply has to act.

“Exceptional circumstances demand extraordinary actions. Maintaining light and heat in the months ahead must be the paramount concern at this time.

“Tough times also demand courage – government displayed courage and leadership in the fight against Covid. Difficult decisions had to be taken for the greater ultimate good – similar strength and decisiveness are no required.”

Meanwhile Deputy Mattie McGrath has accused the government of running scared.

The Tipperary TD claims the coalition accepted the Regional Group’s Private Members Bill because they are afraid of losing more backbenchers.

“Parts of this motion – which I agree 100% with – are things that you are totally opposed to Minister Ryan. And now you’re just accepting the motion – just acquiesced here and passed and do nothing about it.

“Because you haven’t the gumption and you haven’t the guts or the trust in the backbenchers that they’ll with ye in a vote. That’s why – another humiliation, a few people overboard. That’s what ye’re afraid of.”