McGrath critical of Taoiseach’s power supply comments

The government has been accused by a Tipperary TD of being completely captured by the lobbying power and influence of foreign multinational corporations and tech giants.

Leader of the Rural Independent Group Mattie McGrath has hit out at comments from Taoiseach Micheál Martin in relation to a power supply review.

There is increasing speculation that we could be facing into a winter of energy scarcity, in conjunction with possible rolling blackouts.

The Newcastle based TD has described the Taoiseach’s words as pathetic and removed from reality pointing out that everyone knew months ago about the threat to our power supplies.

“And yet the government had all these warnings and proceeded to close down power stations and turf stations and had no alternative.

“Kindergarten children wouldn’t do this – if they did they’d be reprimanded and taught otherwise. If the Taoiseach thinks he can meander around West Cork in some kind of a strange fog he needs to be brought aside and checked out is he in the real world.”

Meanwhile a call from Deputy Michael Lowry for the government to help tackle spiralling costs for local businesses is under fire from Mattie McGrath.

It follows Michael Lowry’s call on the government to address increasing energy costs for independent retailers and smaller businesses.

The Newcastle TD says his constituency colleague can’t have it both ways.

“Every vote that we’ve called Deputy Lowry has supported the government – in carbon tax and all the other increases and a refusal to deal with the excise on fuel which is the main problem.

“They blame the war now but ever before the war EirGrid were telling us quite clearly as TDs – I’m sure the government supporting TDs including Michael Lowry know this as well. Trying to play Trying to play games with the people that they’re standing with them – they are out to destroy the people. They’re out to let the people hungry and cold.”