Mayor English questions number of litter fines issued in Clonmel

Photo from Tipperary county council via

Questions have been asked as to why only 30 household waste surveys were carried out in the Clonmel District last year.

Mayor Pat English also commented on the low number of litter fines issued locally in 2022.

Last year there were 13 litter fines issued in Clonmel, while of the 30 domestic waste collection surveys 25 were compliant with 5 unable to provide evidence they have a household waste bin

Mayor English said that while these proactive measures were a positive they seemed too low and asked why more wasn’t being done to tackle dumping in the District.

Members of the County Council environment section stated that while 30 may seem low these inspections were done in conjunction with other enforcement measures and were carried out in identified hotspots for non-compliance.

In relation to litter the Mayor was told that there must be evidence in order to fine or prosecute someone and that can be hard to obtain however, if such activity continues in a certain area then CCTV is used to try and stamp it out.

Meanwhile, the next step for someone who fails to comply with the household waste collection requirements in an appropriate period of time is then issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice.