Irish Water consultation described as a ‘sham process’

Photo courtesy of Irish Water.

The decision by Irish Waters to extend the statutory consultation period of the draft Regional Water Resource Plan – Eastern and Midlands has been described as another waste of time and money.

The utility is looking for feedback on the plan which includes drawing millions of litres of water from the River Shannon at the Parteen Basin in North Tipp and piping it to Dublin to bolster the supply there.

Nenagh based Councillor Seamie Morris has been opposed to the project since its inception.

“It’s a sham process for a sham project.

“In the time that we’re in at the moment for Irish Water to be continuously wasting money on this project is beyond belief to be honest with you.

“One of the questions that quite a lot of people have asked during this sham process is project cost and timeline and we can’t get an answer to it.

“So a project that has literally been in the pipeline since 2007 – they can’t give us project costs or timeline. That shows in itself that this project is finished.”

The draft RWRP-EM and associated environmental reports can be viewed and downloaded at, or at your local authority’s planning office during office hours.