Hi-tech bins to be placed at prime locations in Tipperary

Photo courtesy of Tipperary County Council.

Smart solar bins are set to be rolled out across Tipperary county.

The bins can crush waste, notify bin collectors of when a bin needs to be emptied and are protected from animals or birds, as they are sealed units.

It is proposed that each Municipal District will have up to six of these bins, at optimum locations. They had been piloted in Carrick-on-Suir and Cahir and the benefits were clear.

Orla Kelly from the Environment and Climate Action Section of Tipperary County Council explained to Tipp FM News how the bins will work.

“We’re looking at making five to six of these smart solar compact bins available to each Municipal District at locations that would yield the best benefit.

“The main advantage of these solar compact bins is that they crush the waste inside and depending on the litre of the compact bins, it can have the same capacity as seven standard bins.

“What that means for Tipperary County Council is that there are fewer pick-ups required.”

Orla added that the bins are fitted with solar panels letting bin collectors know in real time when the bins are full and they are sealed units, eliminating issues with animals or birds taking litter out of bins.