Call for legal action to tackle illegal dumping in Tipperary

The dumping seen on the old N8 between Urlingford and the Turnpike.

A Tipperary councillor is criticising the lack of convictions for illegal dumping in the county, after multiple trailer loads of waste have been dumped on the side of a busy road.

Independent rep Jim Ryan has described as a “pure and utter disgrace” the dumping of large amounts of rubbish on the old N8 between the Turnpike and Urlingford in mid Tipperary.

He is strongly criticising the inaction of Tipperary County Council in taking convictions against those responsible for illegal dumping.

He’s been describing what happened over the weekend.

“It looks like two or three trailer loads of household rubbish, TV’s etc so it’s quite a large amount of stuff that’s been illegally dumped.”

“Unfortunately I can’t say I’m shocked because this isn’t the first time this has happened – or the last – until such time as serious action is taken and the culprits are taken to court and named and shamed. This is the only way this type of disgraceful action will be stopped.”