Browne: Dumping at Knocklofty a health hazard

Knocklofty House. Photo © Tipp FM.

A local TD is calling on the council to carry out a public campaign against the dumping of household waste at a Clonmel estate.

Martin Browne says the dumping at Knocklofty Estate has increased in recent times and is now nearing industrial levels.

Some of the items being discarded at the site include mattresses, cans, rubbish, and electrical items.

Deputy Browne says the only way to deter future or repeat dumpers is for somebody to be caught or reported.

“It’s a health hazard, as much as an eyesore in the location. When this level is going on, the health risk of rats and all that appearing is huge. We’re calling on the council, who knows at this stage who is responsible [for the site], to get them to monitor it as well or to restrict access so people just can’t go in there dumping at the level that they are.

“The easier way to deter people is if the council or the owners catch someone and bring them through the legal system. Name and shame someone that’s dumping at that level.”

He says trailer loads of waste are being disposed of at the Clonmel site and that it has become a dangerous dumping ground.

Martin Browne says he has asked the council to put pressure on the owner of the site to start clearing the area, but insists the first step is public awareness and assistance with dumping in the county.

“There needs to be a big buy-in from the public in all areas like these where dumping is going on because someone is seeing someone with a trailer, or some strange van or car around the area with a trailer load of rubbish. We need the public to become more involved in trying to stop this kind of practice.

“Down through the years, a lot of people would’ve been worried that their names would’ve been given, but all that reporting can be done anonymously. It makes the job for the Guards or council that much easier, to try to see where people are going with this kind of rubbish and what areas they need to be targeting.”