Tipperary Fire & Rescue urging people to have chimney’s cleaned

Photo © Tipp FM

With temperatures starting to drop and the evenings drawing in many people in Tipp are starting to light the fire or stove once again.

However we’re being reminded of some safety measures that we should take before putting a match to the kindling.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer for Tipperary Carol Kennedy has this advice.

“We’d suggest around this time of the year that you get your chimney cleaned. That’s really to remove any twigs or debris or anything like that that has built up over the summer months.

“Again, we’re seeing a lot more smokeless fuel and that tends to keep our chimneys cleaner and soot free so that’s a good idea.”

If you’re using an open fire for heating this winter then Tipperary Fire and Rescue are advising some basic safety measures.

Carol Kennedy says there are some important steps you should take.

“If you do have an open fire then of course we’re advocating the use of a spark guard and move furniture back at least three feet from the fire so that it doesn’t get hot and in turn catch fire.”