Lowry calls on Garda Commissioner to reconsider roster changes

Photo © Pixabay

A Tipperary TD has spoken out in support of rank and file Gardaí who are fighting proposed changes to their rostering system.

The Garda Representative Association has totally rejected the new hours put forward in the Rosters and Working Time Agreement 2022

The main issues raised include the proposed changes to members’ terms and conditions of employment, along with proposed new roster configurations, both of which they say seriously inhibit a proactive work-life balance and work predictability.

Deputy Michael Lowry says the new rostering system would see some Gardaí lose €8,000 of their annual salary while working additional hours.

“It is understandable that the current proposals by the Garda Commissioner are being rejected. The changes are unreasonable and unfair.

“Working unpredictable schedules including 12 hour shifts for a reduced salary is a drastic and unpalatable measure. The proposed roster will leave many Gardaí in an impossible situation regarding travel cost, child care and life balance.”

At present Gardai are on a four days on/four days off roster which was introduced during the Pandemic. Prior to this, they were on a six-day on/three-day off roster.

The new proposal would require Gardaí to be rostered in the four on/four off schedule but with a mixture of 8-hour, 10 hour and 12-hour shifts.

Deputy Michael Lowry wants Commissioner Harris to reconsider the move.

“Our Gardaí play a vital role in our society and we depend and rely on them for our everyday safety and security. They deserve to be treated fairly.

“It is my view that the Commissioner must listen to the legitimate concerns of his members. Disgruntled and unhappy Gardaí is not conducive to good policing.”