Increase in house fires during pandemic

Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary Fire and Rescue Service is asking homeowners to take a greater look at potential fire risks this week.

National Fire Safety Week is underway with an increased focus on the hazards in the home, as people are spending more time in their houses as a result of the pandemic.

Assistant Chief Fire Officer for the Tipperary service, Carol Kennedy is encouraging people to test their fire alarms on a weekly basis.

She has been outlining the demand for their services so far this year.

“This year for us has been very strange like everybody else.”

“Certainly during the whole Covid lockdown initially we were seeing a huge reduction in the amount of road traffic accidents because there was less and less people on the road.”

“We are however seeing a little bit of an increase in house fires so that’s why we’re trying to push again on the smoke alarms and to check out for obvious dangers in your house.”

“This time of year as well I suppose coming up to Halloween it’s getting a bit busier for us.”