Fethard could be facing weeks of water disruption

It could be weeks before the Fethard Regional Water supply is fit for human consumption.

The Do Not Drink notice which was issued in the wake of the leaking of thousands of litres of kerosene into the River Anner near Mullinahone could be in place for a number of weeks.

Water tankers have been placed at a number of locations in the area after the multi-million euro treatment plant in Cloneen was shut down after being contaminated.

Irish Water is working with Tipperary County Council, the HSE and other relevant agencies to restore a water supply for washing and sanitary purposes.

Specialist contractors are on site doing a deep clean of the plant in order to bring it back into production.

However, it is important to note that the ‘Do Not Drink’ Notice will remain in place until further notice even if the supply is restored.

It is expected that this notice will remain in effect for a number of weeks as the issues caused by this incident are addressed.

The HSE has advised that kerosene is generally detected by smell or taste before it reaches a level which might affect health. People who have any health concerns should contact their GP in the first instance.

Farmers who are concerned that livestock may have consumed contaminated water are advised to contact their local vet for advice or their local Department of Agriculture contact.