Fears Thurles park may become a ‘No Go’ zone due to teenage gang

Thurles Garda Station. Photo © Tipp FM

Gardaí have been asked to step in as a gang continues to terrorise people in Thurles Town Park.

Over the last few months there have been a number of serious and violent assaults on vulnerable park users by the same group of teenagers.

Local Councillor Jim Ryan says they are well known to Gardaí and prey on anyone they see as an easy target.

He has called for immediate intervention to ensure this doesn’t escalate.

Speaking to Tipp Today he said one exchange student was attacked so severely their parents had to come to Ireland after they were hospitalized.

“One young teenager ended up in hospital from their injuries received from the beating that they got so that cannot happen and cannot be allowed to happen and as a public representative and parent of children who use that park I wouldn’t be comfortable until this issue is resolved.”

Cllr. Ryan says this needs to be addressed before the area becomes a ‘No Go’ zone, stating that too much work went into park to allow this continue.

He would like to see increased policing to stamp this out.

“We need to change that situation straight away because it’s a fabulous facility it’s right in the town centre of Thurles and we looked for it for so many years and unfortunately there is a small element in our town that don’t see anything wrong with beating people up or causing anti-social behaviour and giving two figures to society and the Guards and laws and legislation…this situation cannot be allowed to go on. They target vulnerable people and easy targets, it doesn’t matter who you are they’ll just target ye.”