Browne: Irish Community Air Ambulance Service badly in need of funding

Irish Community Air Ambulance. Photo courtesy of Irish Community Air Ambulance.

A Tipperary TD has raised the issue of much needed funding for the Irish Community Air Ambulance Service in the Dáil.

Deputy Martin Browne has called on the government to commit to the future of the service which he says provides an invaluable lifeline to communities.

They have been unable to fundraise due to Covid leading to a call for short-term funding for two years which would reduce once fundraising could take place again.

The Sinn Féin TD says the Community Air Ambulance Service has saved many lives.

“I’ll take an incident in Cashel not too long ago when a person needed urgent intervention.

“We hear a lot about the ‘Golden Hour’ when it comes to the response given to a person with a traumatic injury. It’s a period of time immediately after a traumatic injury during which there’s the highest likelihood that prompt medical and surgical treatment will prevent death or life-changing complications.

“During the incident I’m speaking of the individual concerned was airlifted to University Hospital Limerick. It took just 17 minutes from Cashel – if you had to go by road it would take 50 to 60 minutes.”