Tipp town primary school principals meet Education Minister

Photo © Louise Tobin

The Principals of Tipperary Towns five Primary Schools have met with the Education Minister to discuss their exclusion from the DEIS programme.

Minister Bruton told Tipp FM that the meeting had gone well, however, Louise Tobin, Principal of St Joseph’s Girls School in the town, wasn’t as positive of the outcome.

That’s Louise Tobin, principal of St Joseph’s Primary School, who met with the Education Minister yesterday.

The five primary schools in Tipperary town had sought inclusion in the DEIS scheme earlier this year, which would have provided much needed extra resources for them.

However despite appearing to meet all the criteria none of them were included in the programme.

During their meeting with Minister Bruton the Principals made a detailed presentation outlining their concerns about the identification process used to select new schools.

Speaking to Tipp FM Richard Bruton described it as a useful meeting, but stressed that it wasn’t in his power to grant DEIS status to them.

Speaking on Tipp Today this morning, Principal Louise Tobin says that the DEIS programme is a support for the whole school.

She says there needs to be investment in early education to give students in Tipperary town a better chance…