Tipp students left in the lurch for school transport

Imelda Goldsboro

Over a dozen students in the Ballingarry and Killenaule areas are facing into major problems as the new school year looms.

They have been left without a place on the school bus – the majority attend the Presentation Secondary in Ballingarry with a number going to Scoil Ruain in Killenaule.

Local Councillor Imelda Goldsboro says their parents have paid for the service but have been told in the last few days that there is no space available.

“Some of these children that have been refused are actually going into Leaving Cert and Transition Year. They are students that have had a place (on the bus) for the last number of years. You can appeal it but it’ll be just a generic reply that demand has exceeded capacity.”

“We also have the challenges of students being out of school since March so it’s difficult enough going back into school this year under Covid without the stress to families that there is no place on the school bus.”