Tipp students facing dilemma over 3rd level accommodation fees

Photo from Pixabay

It’s a case of once bitten twice shy for many of Tipperary’s 3rd level students.

Most of them spent the majority of their last year studying online rather than in college.

Many of them had already forked out for accommodation which they never got to use with some landlords not refunding their money.

Thurles based County Councillor Jim Ryan says students are now being asked to pay up for the coming term despite not yet knowing if they will actually need somewhere to live.

“It’s a Catch 22 situation for a lot of 3rd Level students at the moment because pressure is being put on them by accommodation providers to pay up the fees for the coming semester yet the students don’t know whether the classes are going to be held online or actually in class itself.”

“I’ve been in contact with a number of 3rd Level colleges to see if clarification can be given and unfortunately the responses I’m getting back from them is that they are waiting for advice from NPHET.”

“This is putting severe pressure and stress on students and their parents because they are being put under pressure by accommodation providers to pay up.”