Tipp principal says schools are at breaking point trying to cope with Covid

Photo from Google Maps

Louise Tobin from St Joseph’s Primary School in Tipp town has given a guarded welcome to the introduction of antigen tests in primary schools.

Minister Norma Foley says they will be made available on or before November 29th to parents or guardians of all children in a class pod if one of them tests positive for Covid.

However speaking on Tipp Today earlier Louise Tobin said the system is on the verge of collapse due to a lack of substitute teachers.

“The level of stress – you’re finishing your breakfast and a message comes in from a really good hardworking colleague to say they’ve a sore throat and they can’t come in (as per Covid guidelines). So you start this mad hunt to get subs for the classrooms.

“It is draining because after hours I have given up because there just aren’t people out there.

“So then you come into school – you’re stressed coming in and then you have to explain to staff and ask can you go into this classroom for a couple of hours and we need to manage playground supervision.”