Tipp ETB to help with education needs of Ukrainian refugees

Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary ETB will be helping to support Ukrainians in Ireland with access to education and supports.

The Education Minister announced that ETB’s would be supported with regional, educational and language teams.

Principal of Templemore College of Further Education, Noel Colleran, said that they will be helping children to find school places and make sure their needs can be met.

He explained on Tipp Today that they will be doing their bit to help refugees fleeing war-torn Ukraine.

“This is only the start, we are ready to move and to reshape and to go along with what’s required, because these are our European colleagues and I think we need to step up on this one.

“You can’t be that flexible with the curriculum in second level schools, and that’s certainly one of the advantages we have, we can respond.

“The establishment, the ETB itself, would not only encourage this, but support it as well in relation to getting the job done as best we can, as soon as we can.”