No update on when Junior Cert results will be released

A Tipperary parent says the Education Minister needs to provide clarity for Junior Cert Students.

Over 70,000 students are still in the dark as to when they will get their results with the State Examinations Commission saying a number of ‘significant issues’ have led to a delay.

Muiris Walsh, a local broadcaster, says it is frustrating as a parent to have the work put into junior cert exams diminished for his teenager who has since gone into TY.

He says regardless of the perceived importance of Junior Cert it is unfair to create this anxiety for students.

“Vast majority of… teenagers who sat these exams they put in a lot of work and to be dismissed like this… it’s not good enough and it feeds into this whole thing people saying ah it’s only the Junior Cert … If it’s not important don’t do it then.”

Muiris also told Tipp Today that Minister Norma Foley needs to make a statement on the matter.

“What I would like to see happening is Norma Foley… just to come and say this is the situation provide a bit of clarity around it and gives us a date that it won’t go beyond, even if it’s Halloween then everyone can relax and focus on their studies.”