Lowry: Government must tackle student accommodation shortage

Photo © Tipp FM

Many Tipperary third level students are struggling to secure accommodation.

Local TD Michael Lowry says the crisis is spiralling out of control.

He says the government needs to urgently prioritise plans for the provision of purpose built accommodation solely for the use of students.

The Independent Deputy says Tipperary students and their families are at their wits end searching for a place to live to enable them to study in Universities and Colleges this Autumn.

“Many that I’ve met despair that they may not be able to take up a college placement regardless of their results.

“It is totally unacceptable that the accommodation that had been ringfenced for students is now not being made available to them.

“I hear of students who have paid deposits on their accommodation before the summer break and have since been informed that that accommodation is no longer available to them.”

Deputy Lowry says the government must address the issue as a matter of urgency.

“The entire area of providing purpose built and affordable student accommodation has to be a priority for government in the next term of the Dáil.

“Young students are entitled to the facilities that are required to enable them to avail of third level education.”