Junior Cert students overlooked during pandemic uncertainty

Photo © Pixabay

The Department of Education is being accused of forgetting the thousands of Junior Cert students who are due to sit their state exam this year.

Thurles based County Councillor Jim Ryan says they seem to be overlooked amidst the uncertainty of whether or not the Leaving Cert will proceed during the ongoing pandemic.

While accepting that the senior cycle would take precedence Councillor Ryan says it’s also a stressful time for Junior Cert students.

“We have absolutely no responses from the Department of Education regarding what is in store for Junior Cert students this year.”

“Last year the Junior Cert was cancelled – is that going to be the same this year? Are the grades going to be predicted? Is it going to be based on continuous assessment or will there be a normal Junior Cert exam like there used to be before?”

“I have to say it’s just not good enough – I’ve been talking to a lot of parents that are in the same boat as myself and we’re all stressed out over this as are the Junior Cert students.”