Cistercian college close to agreement on 20 month rugby rule

The Cistercian college in Roscrea is understood to be close to agreement with the Leinster branch in relation to issues surrounding the 20 month rule.

The Tipperary college had threatened High court action over the rule, after 9 of its players were deemed ineligible to play in the Leinster Schools Senior Cup.

The rule states that a teenager has to be in the school before fifth year if he is to be eligible to play in the Leinster schools senior cup, ulness there are exceptional circumstances.

The Cistercian College in Roscrea, which won the cup for the first time in 2015,
says that it is uniquely affected by this rule, as the school has many students who start in fifth year and so find themselves ineligible to play.

Following a threat of High Court action, the school has been in talks with the Leinster branch and a favourable outcome is expected.

Speaking to Tipp FM, school spokesperson Ronnie Culleton said the rule was a barrier in attracting new students