Browne calls for provision of improved filtration systems for schools

Photo © Tipp FM

A Tipperary TD is urging the Government to provide advanced air filtration systems to poorly ventilated schools.

Sinn Féin deputy Martin Browne has told the Dáil that many older school buildings can’t be properly ventilated, and says HEPA filters are a necessary addition.

Adequate airflow in classrooms is seen as important in reducing Covid transmission, but becomes trickier in the colder winter weather.

Deputy Browne says this additional measure is needed.

“Overnight schools have gone from being so safe that contact tracing wasn’t needed to needing children to wear masks to keep safe.

“When we appealed for ventilation measures for schools the response from Government was largely to open windows, not invest in high efficiency particle absorbing filters or HEPA filtration.

“HEPA filters actively remove contaminants from the air while CO2 monitors that the Minister has given us reassurances about merely monitor the air, they don’t improve it.”