Tipp restauranteurs facing major recruitment problems

Andys Gastropub on Sarsfield Street, Nenagh.

A Tipperary restaurant owner describes as “frightening” the potential recruitment challenges that lie ahead when the hospitality sector eventually reopens.

Joe Mulqueen of Andy’s Gastropub in Nenagh, also the Tipperary council member with the Restaurants Association of Ireland, says that many businesses have lost key staff to other sectors.

With indoor restaurant dining likely to be banned for a couple more months, Joe says there’s little hope for a summer boost in business.

He says that recruitment is a particular worry if hospitality is the last sector to resume business.

“It seems to be a big problem going forward this time because and awful lot of the Restaurant Association members that would be sending their feedback to head office in Dublin have lost head chefs, they’ve lost head barmen, they’ve lost all kinds of staff members to some kind of industry.”

“People have mortgages to pay, have to rear kids, have to keep the house going and they’ve diversified into something else.”