Significant increase in job postings for Premier County

The number of job postings in Tipperary increased by 11 percent last year, with a similar growth forecast for 2022.

Roscrea-based FRS Recruitment found that the rise in Tipp last year was similar to the national average, and it was deemed a strong year for recruitment in the county.

The sectors which saw the biggest surge in vacancies last year were retail, transport & logistics, and retail pharmacy.

General Manager of FRS Recruitment, Lynne McCormack, says many jobs have also been moving away from Dublin.

“You could see that trend happening from April onwards last year.

“I think working from home has definitely played a big part in that. People have changed how they work, employers have changed how they’re structured and how they work as well.

“So you have seen a lot of movement outside of Dublin that you previously wouldn’t have seen.”