March 4 Tipp defer plans for N24 blockage

Photo: Tipp FM/Sarah O'Dwyer

A planned protest on the N24 through Tipperary Town later this week has been deferred.

The decision by the March4Tipp campaign follows the appointment of an independent chair to the task force set up to deal with the problems facing the town.

The March4Tipp group had planned to cause gridlock on the main Limerick – Waterford road through Tipp town in a bid to highlight their campaign

They had already organised two marches through the town which drew several thousand people in protest at the high unemployment levels in the area and what they see as the neglect of the town by both local and national government.

The group were set to step up their action on Friday next by driving slowly through the town and having pedestrians crossing the main street further delaying traffic.

However March4Tipp have decided to defer the protest until they have met with the Alison Harvey who was recently appointed as independent chair of the Tipp Town Task Force.

Up to now they had refused to engage with the Tipperary County Council-led Tipperary Town Centre Forum, on the basis that it was felt to be the wrong process to rejuvenate the town.

Spokesperson Mary Margaret Ryan says if they are not happy with the outcome of their meeting with Alison Harvey the gridlock protest will take place.