Lowry says Budget must assist small businesses

Photo © Tipp FM

A Tipperary TD is urging the Government to address spiralling costs for local businesses in the upcoming budget.

Michael Lowry says many of them are struggling to survive due to an increase in operating costs and a reduction in spending.

The Thurles based TD says a growing number of these business owners are seeking some form of Government assistance in next month’s Budget.

“Independent retailers and small businesses are struggling with the increased costs of keeping a business afloat.

“Rising energy costs – in particular soaring electricity charges – combined with a falloff in consumer spending, a general rise in inflation and cost of living is threatening the viability of these traders.”

The Thurles TD says jobs and businesses are at risk due to the massive increase in costs faced by traders in Tipp and across the country.

“Independent supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and pubs are all seeing a reduction in trade and income at a time when overheads are soaring.

“The small retailer cannot survive this onslaught unless government support is made available in the forthcoming budget. The government must move to protect jobs to safeguard the future and ensure that these businesses remain part of the fabric of rural Ireland.”