Local hotelier calls for early reopening of indoor dining

The resumption of outdoor dining from June 7th will do little for the hospitality sector according to a Tipperary hotelier.

It’s anticipated that the Taoiseach will confirm that indoor dining will be allowed from July 5th as part of the easing of Covid restrictions.

However Elizabeth Nallen from Hotel Minella in Clonmel feels this is too late.

“Looking at the weather for the last month no matter what kind of coverage you have or whatever and it’s very hard to keep food hot in this weather and to keep the quality of food good as well.”

“We were hoping that indoor dining (would be allowed sooner) – especially for older people and that who have been vaccinated and were taking all the precautions and all the new guidelines coming out that it’s a safe place to eat indoors.”

“And also it’s unfair on restaurants who haven’t got outdoor seating as they’re not able to serve people.”